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Impressions from the GAFFEL HOUSE BERLIN

Every crazy is different

"Jeder Jeck ist anders“

For guests who don’t yet see their taste in Gaffel Kölsch, we stock

  • Paulaner wheat beers (wheat, crystal and alcohol-free, 0.5l fl.)

and a young classic

  • Prussia Pilsner (0.33l fl.), characterfully spicy and pleasantly tart, harks back to the brewing tradition of the Prussia family of the Hohenzollerns.

So it’s not surprising that the Royal Prussian beer manufactur is headed by Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia.

For 18 years now, we have stood for original Cologne hospitality in the middle of Berlin. That's why we call ourselves the "Colonge Consulate".

Depending on the type of event, we reach a capacity of up to 350 guests at peak.
For more information on planning your event in our house please contact

Our beer ist called Kölsch

A peace of Home

As the fully licenced brewery bar of the private brewery Gaffel Becker & Co. (founded in 1908), we serve fresh and tangy Gaffel Kölsch on tap, classically in the Cologne beer glass, called „Stick“ (0.2l), but also in 0.4l for those with a thirst. You can also tap your own Gaffel from the 10-litre barrel right at your seat, the so-called "Pittermännchen".

Gaffel's Catering: Of course, you can take our Pitter with tap stand, tap cutlery, glasses, beer wreath and beer mats for an out-of-house consumption or have them aswell delivered. 

Gaffel Kölsch
Alc. 4.8% vol,
Water, barley malt, hop extract

Gaffel's SonnenHopfen

Alternative to Wheat Beer

Gaffel's SonnenHopfen is brewed from the fresh harvest of fruity-aromatic Citra hops from the Yakima Valley (Washington State, USA). It is a refreshing alternative to wheat beer. Also in the range: Gaffel frei (without alcohol).

Gaffel SonnenHopfen:
Alk. 4.6% vol, top-fermented, ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Et hätt noch immer jot jejange.

Kölsches Grundgesetz, Paragraf §3

  • Fassbrause Zitrone
  • Fassbrause Orange
  • Fassbrause Apfel
  • Gaffel frei
  • Gaffel
  • Sonnenhopfen
  • Papa Rhein
  • Schwester Herz
  • Mamma Nero
  • Plüsch Prumm
  • Erfahren Sie direkt mehr über unsere Marken!


Dorotheenstraße 65
10117 Berlin


Mo-Sat 12-12
Sun closed)