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Bosses of Bosses Club

It's been a while, but a beautiful story wins with age: On 18 July 2012, probably the most exclusive gastronomy association in the world was our guest at Gaffel Haus Berlin - the "Club of Chefs des Chefs" (CCC). The club's annual meeting took place from 18 to 22 July 2012 in Berlin and from 22 to 25 July 2012 in Paris.

On the opening evening in Berlin, Ulrich Kerz (then head chef at the Federal Chancellery) invited the members to the Gaffel Haus Berlin to convince them of the merits of Rhenish cuisine and wonderfully fresh Gaffel Kölsch from the Pittermännchen. Empty plates and visibly satisfied guests showed that we had succeeded.

The elite club consists of the chefs of crowned heads and the powerful of this world: Guests included Ulrich Kerz - chef at the German Chancellery; Christeta Commerfort and Sam Kass - chefs at the White House/USA; Vakhtan Abushidi and Jerome Rigaud - chefs at the Kremlin/Russia; Bernard Voussion - Chef of the Elisée Palace, France; Anton Mosimann - Chef of Her Majesty the Queen/England; Christian Garcia - Chef of Prince Albert/Monaco; Fabrizio Boca and Massimo Sprega - Chefs of the Quirinal/Italy and many more. In total, there were 30 chefs who enjoyed themselves with us on this extraordinary evening.

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